ENDS MEAT [2018]


Runtime: 30:00

Produced & Directed by Helen Lyons-Curran

Written by Kris Heys

Director of Photography: Craig Murfin

Composer: Graham J. Davison

Brit-Grit meets Horror-Noir. A taxi driver with a wicked secret prowls the streets of Manchester looking for one last fare.

DAD [2015]


Runtime: 6:30

Written, Edited & Directed by Helen Lyons-Curran

Director of Photography Alex Stone

Composer Graham J. Davison

A super short poignant drama about Molly's relationship with her Dad.

CHOKE [2019]


Runtime: 6:30

Written, Produced & Directed by Helen Lyons-Curran

Director of Photography: Jo Lane

Forced by an over-bearing brotherly figure, young Lewis awaits his enemy. What unfolds will determine the kind of man he is to become.

LAST SMOKE [Pre-production]

Crime, Thriller.

Runtime: 15:00

Written by Helen Lyons-Curran


Horror, war

Runtime: 15:00

Written & Directed by Helen Lyons-Curran

Director of Photography: Theo Kirkpatrick

Producer: Sarah Brady

Two soldiers trapped in a church cellar must try to survive without resources.

Winner of five awards, including The Royal Television Society North West, and Best Cinematography at The US Hollywood international film festival. Nominated for nine further awards, being recognised for direction, performance and art and design.

Delicacy also featured as an episode of cult horror anthology show, Fear Haus.

The Juggernaut [Script development]

Sci-Fi, Neo-western, Drama

Runtime: 85 mins

Written by Helen Lyons-Curran