Helen Lyons-Curran is a multi-award winning director and filmmaker who strives to produce work of high production value, strong performances and gripping plots.

Her love of film developed at an early age thanks to her Dad's brief venture into VHS rental. Through that, she discovered 80s cult classics such as The Gate (1987), The Explorers (1985) and The never Ending Story (1984). The latter, has traumatised her to this day!

With her love of escapism, she later went on to develop a near obsession for Carole Reed's, Oliver! (1968) and Rocky (1976).

With a passion for genre film and a strong ethos on story, Helen aims to create films that are both entertaining and compelling. Working within the confines of modest budgets, Helen displays the skill of combining creativity with practicality.

Helen’s work has screened internationally, including at Spooky Empire (Florida’s premier horror convention), Grimmfest, Macabre Faire, Long Beach International Film Fesival and San Jose International Film Festival.

Delicacy, Helen's Macabre WWII short won the 2014 Royal Television Society's North West Best Student Drama. The film then went on to achieve six more awards, and nine nominations; being recognised for direction, cinematography, performance and art & design. The film was also chosen as an episode of cult horror anthology show, Fear Haus. 

As well as Delicacy, Brit-Grit, Horror-Noir film Ends Meat, can be found on Amazon Prime. Ends Meat, a thirty minute movie about a taxi driver with a wicked secret, is a precursor to a feature film currently being developed by writer Kris Heys. Up next is road thriller, Last Strike, as well as development on various feature screenplays.

Helen earned her First Class BA Honours Degree in Film and TV Production from The Manchester Film School, where she trained in single camera drama. She also holds a PGCE, qualified to teach film production.

Helen has also served as a producer on various Short films as well as producing a music video for Britain's Got Talent winner Jai McDowall. As an editor, Helen has credits in promos, documentary TV and narrative film.


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