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Ends Meat

2017 | 30mins | Thriller / Horror / Black Comedy


A taxi driver with a dark secret prowls the streets looking for his next fare, whatever that might entail.

Brit-Grit meets Horror-Noir with a touch of black comedy.


Produced & Directed by Helen Lyons-Curran

Written by Kris Heys

Director of Photography Craig Murfin

Composer: Graham J. Davison




2014 | 14mins | Psychological Horror / War


Belgium-France border, May 1940

During the retreat to Dunkirk two soldiers take cover in a church cellar. Trapped, they must try to survive without resources.



Royal Television Society North West - Best Student Drama 2014

US Hollywood Film Festival - Best Cinematography 2015

Screen Stockport Film Festival - Best University Short Film 2014

The Festival of Fantastic Films - Delta Short Film Award 2014

San Francisco Short Film Awards - Award of Excellence 2015

Kino Manchester Int. Film Festival - Runner Up Student Short 2014


Written & Directed by Helen Lyons-Curran

Producer: Sarah Brady

Director of Photography Theo Kirkpatrick

Art Director: Rhiannon Clifford

Editor: Matt Hamer

Composer: Graham J. Davison


Starring Garry Graham Smith & Michael J. Tait

Director's Showreel




2015 | 3mins | Drama


A super short poignant drama about Molly's close relationship with her Father.


Awards: Screen Stockport Film Festival (super shorts) 3rd Place

Written & Directed by Helen Lyons-Curran

Director of Photography Alex Stone



2013 | 9mins | Drama


Two men confined to a hospital bed form an unlikely friendship in this touching dramedy.


Written & Directed by Gareth Finch

Produced by Helen Lyons-Curran

Director of Photography Owen Cant

It's a Metaphor

2013 | 6mins | Drama


Two old friends, Kenna and Cameron, visit their old hang out spot where they reminisce about old times and letting go of the past.


Awards: Screen Stockport Film Festival 2013 Best University Short Film

Directed by Sean Kelly

Written by L.F. Blake

Produced by Helen Lyons-Ccurran

Director of Photography Simrat Bala

Filmmaker Showreel



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